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5 Women of Distinction in the Cannabis Industry

Whether as the main target of advertising campaigns, occupying high positions in big companies or acting for the legal rights of the plant, women have never been so involved in the whole Cannabis production chain. To reflect on their importance, we will talk a little about the current female role in the industry and we will mention some outstanding women in the cannabis business.


We can say that the whole cannabis culture is of feminine essence, starting with the female plant, responsible for providing almost all the active raw material of this market. Only female plants produce flowers and these are the main source of obtaining the active ingredients and effects so sought after by consumers.

Cannabis-derived products also tend to fit perfectly into women's routines: they promise to combat anxiety and stress, generate a little more well-being and health, have positive effects on nutrition, personal care and beauty. 

The star ingredient of the cannabis industry turned for women is CBD (or cannabidiol), once an anti-inflammatory compound that promises to combat many discomforts of a feminine nature: menstrual cramps, menopausal moods, lack of sexual appetite, migraines and others. 

Due to this synergy between CBD and the female universe, the industry is increasingly investing in products formulated especially for female consumers. Colic oils, cosmetic creams, aphrodisiac packs and collagen capsules are examples of products made with women in mind.

But obviously women do not remain in the shadow of a role of buyer, but have always worked hard in various fields of action in relation to Cannabis. Below are some women who have stood out for their initiatives in favour of this market in their respective sectors:

Pioneering - Dina Browner

Known as Dr. Dina, Dina Browner has become the Queen of medical cannabis in Los Angeles thanks to her successful career in the US cannabis industry. Raised in a conservative family in the San Fernando Valley, Dina is the owner of L.A.'s first medical marijuana dispensary, as well as an advocate for the integration of medical cannabis into society. She has treated countless Hollywood celebrities, politicians and VIPs and has also launched a compassion program in the city that provides free medical marijuana to the sick and needy. Her story is so successful that it has served as the inspiration for the creation of the character Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker in the series Weeds.

Dr. Dina Browner with patient and friend Snoog Dogg

Activism  - Patty Amiguet

Patty is a cannabis activist who advocates for a comprehensive regulation of cannabis and for a change in all current drug policies. In addition to being the president of a cannabis association and of the CATFAC (Federació d'Associacions de Cànnabis de Catalunya) , is a spokesperson and one of the most active members of REMAa women's organisation very active in the field of drug policy in Spain. 

Rema is a solid group, formed by activists, businesswomen, scientists, among others, whose aim is to discuss and propose improvements in the following aspects of the life of a cannabis woman:   

  • The general image of women in the cannabis sector
  • Bringing the woman breeder out of the shadow of men who consider themselves breeders.
  • The fight against objectification: as in so many other markets, in the cannabis sector there has always been unease about the way in which the image of women was and still is used to sell. 
  • Women as caregivers and cannabis moms and all the burden that entails.
  • Reproductive health and female sexuality and their relationship to cannabis use.
  • Advocacy in drug policies introducing a gender perspective.
  • Studies of consumption and effects of the plant with women and not only with white men aged 30-40 years. 
Pattty Amiguet, cannabis activist from Spain

Medical - Dr. Bonni Goldstein

A New Jersey native, Dr. Bonni Goldstein developed an interest in the science of medical cannabis after witnessing its beneficial effects on a sick friend. Since then, she has been evaluating the use of medical cannabis as a treatment for adult and pediatric patients with refractory epilepsy, cancer, autism and mental health disorders.

Her medical history reports many successful results with CBD treatments, for example in children with epilepsy:

"One of the reasons CBD helps so much is not only because CBD, the cannabidiol compound, acts to help balance some of the messages that are being transmitted in the brain and decrease the activity that causes seizures, but also the anti-inflammatory effect. Another part is the neuroprotective effect of cannabidiol. And let's remember, in a developing brain, seizures are harmful. So that neuroprotective property is extraordinarily important." says Goldstein. 

Dr. Goldstein is currently the medical director at Canna-Centers, a group medical practice that educates patients on the therapeutic use of Cannabis and also does medical consulting for the Ghost Group, the parent company that owns Weedmaps

Reference in Cannabis Medicine, Dr. Bonni Goldstein

Business - Sailene Ossman

After surviving a near-fatal car accident when she was only 19 years old, Sailene Ossman was left in constant pain as a result. That's when someone recommended Cannabis to her and since then, in addition to never having used another painkiller, she has also become a hostess, pioneer and advocate for her culture.

Ossman is a super example of success in this market as she owns an excellent cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles and has a cooking show on the web. Merry Janecalled Smoke In The Kitchen. In addition, Sailene organizes Ganja Goddess Getaways, inclusive, inspirational and transformative women's empowerment retreats held in a variety of beautiful natural settings:

"Ganja Goddess is an all-inclusive 3-day getaway. It's empowering. It helps women connect with the best."

Businness woman del Cannabis Sailene Ossman

Culture Girls in Green

The idea of the Brazilian project Girls in Green is based on the democratization of cannabis education, done by women and with a harm reduction approach.

Even with the obvious difficulties of being in a country where cannabis is still seen as a drug, where the lack of knowledge of the population is still responsible for much stigma related to the plant and political interests pass far from its decrimination, the girls of Girls in Green have managed to sign up. Their importance is remarkable as they work hard to strengthen the cannabis culture and break the taboos by providing a lot of information. 

Through their social networks and their website, Girls in Green cover general topics about Cannabis, from the most basic content for the most uninformed to technical details, discoveries and new permits for the plant in their country.

Girls in Green, creators of cannabis culture in Latin America

These are just a few examples of incredible women who are fighting not only to bring information and culture, but also to make their way in a world where women still have to work hard to be heard and respected. Fortunately we see more and more women involved in the cannabis market, standing out in all sectors of this industry. Long live the cannabis woman!

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