Sensitive CBD

Gabriela Monteiro

Gabriela has experience as a primary and secondary school teacher, scientific researcher, in environmental laboratory and with production of scientific and educational content. She has worked as a technician in museology at Etec Parque da Juventude, has a degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, has always been passionate about the issues of pharmacobotany and ethnopharmacology, for the integration of the power of plants in our daily lives and believes in the power of knowledge and art for the development of critical and sensitive people. Five years ago she began her contact with meditation, yoga and holistic therapies and since then she has conducted trainings in this area, sharing in consultations and workshop facilitation. Currently she is studying a master's degree in Artistic and Creative Therapies at ISEP (Barcelona) and with the project "Heart Therapy" she feels that little by little she is bringing together art, science and spirituality to present contents and tools for self-knowledge for people and companies interested in the development of the human being in an integral way.

Optimal Dose

Optimal CBD Dose? Part 1

Know yourself! This article is the first part of a revision of the first text in which we dealt with the topic of Optimal dosing. To begin this reading, it is essential to keep in mind that the administration of CBD and other cannabinoids is not at all similar to that recommended in the use of allopathic medicines, which are currently widespread. In short, Cannabis treatments are a personalized, humanized, holistic and individual therapy. This particular approach to the administration of Cannabis extracts, oils, infusions, vapors and other possible forms of Cannabis has been adopted by many cultures ...

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CBD and depression

Depression and CBD

For each of us to have electricity and all the comfort linked to it (wifi, heating, hot water, dishwasher) in our homes we depend on the efficiency and good communication of a coordinated network that involves power plants, companies, people, raw materials and many other factors. When there is a failure in any of these factors, part or all of the supply system can be affected, preventing us from having access to this infrastructure, which generates stress and involves leaving the comfort zone for a few hours or days until there is a solution to return to the comfort zone, which is a very difficult task.

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