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Sensitive CBD interview for Soft Secrets

We gave an interview to Soft Secrets about our history, our brands and our business possibilities. You can see the result here: How did CBD emerge as a business opportunity? We were a group of friends, who for many years worked in different areas of the cannabis sector and in 2017 we came together to think about the subject, envisioning the business opportunity of CBD. Based on the scenario in Italy, where many CBD shops were already established, we felt like recreating the same in Barcelona, because of the need to inform people about the subject and provide ...

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Cannabis Woman

5 Women of Distinction in the Cannabis Industry

Whether as the main target of advertising campaigns, occupying high positions in big companies or acting for the legal rights of the plant, women have never been so involved in the whole Cannabis production chain. To reflect on their importance, we will talk a little about the current female role in the industry and we will mention some outstanding women in the cannabis business. WOMEN AND CANNABIS We can say that the whole cannabis culture is of feminine essence, starting with the female plant, responsible for providing almost all the active raw material of this market. Only female plants produce ...

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