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User's guide with extended information on the uses of CBD and the different cannabinoids present in the Cannabis Sativa L

optimal dosing for cbd oil dropper

Optimal CBD dose

What is dosage and why is it important? Dosage is the act of taking a certain measure of a substance, in this case CBD, administered as a unit. The larger that unit is, the higher the dose. Dosage is very important because it allows us to take the right and safe amounts, allowing us to control the effect that CBD has on our body. The goal of dosage is to find the minimum amount of CBD needed to obtain the desired effects. It is important to determine what dose is the right one as soon as possible in order to benefit the most from the potential of CBD. You should always keep in mind that cannabis affects each person differently. Some people only need 1mg to feel the effects, while others need 100mg. Factors such as weight, tolerance to the substance, history of use - among others - play an important role in defining how cannabis interacts with our body.

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differences CBD vs THC


CBD vs THC, but first... What are they? CBD vs THC, which is better? This is a very common question whose answer deserves its own article. There are many things to consider in order to know what is good for us, but we better start by talking about what they are. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Both interact with our endocannabinoid system but in different ways and produce different effects. Cannabinoid receptors can be found throughout our body and are responsible for many physiological effects. Therefore it has been seen that CBD and THC, by interacting with these receptors, inhibit the progression of some diseases. Subsequently, it has also been suggested that some diseases are the result of a mismatch in our endocannabinoid system. THC is the psychoactive element in cannabis and is what produces the 'high' for which it is known. However, it also has many other a

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