Bloomed in early 2018, as the first CBD and Cannabis specialized store in Barcelona.

The Sensitive CBD project was born in Barcelona in early 2018 with the mission of educating about the Cannabis Sativa plant and the enormous benefits of its components, specially Cannabidiol (CBD).

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in a report that medical marijuana should not be considered as a drug, since it does not represent health problems.
After months of study and deliberation, WHO concluded that cannabidiol (CBD) - one of the main components of marijuana - serves as a palliative for chronic diseases and for patients with epilepsy. In addition, it does not generate addictions.

Among our products are large European brands, small local producers and products of our own creation. Products of the highest quality, vegan, biological and organic.

We invite you to discover more about the plant in our two stores located in:

Carrer de la Freneria nº8 - 08002 BarcelonaCarrer de Corders nº3 - 08003 Barcelona