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Recent studies have suggested that CBD may have a similar effect to oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, but could CBD have any influence on our love life and help improve the quality of our sex life?

The Love Hormone

The oxytocin is a hormone discovered in 1906 by pharmacologist Henry Dale that is naturally produced in the hypothalamus and secreted from the pituitary gland in the mammalian body. It acts in contact with all existing physiological systems in the human body, being released especially in times of stress, pleasure, addiction and others. 

Although not everything is yet known about this protein, Oxytocin is commonly linked to feelings of social well-being and the creation of a sense of trust and psychological stability, greatly aiding in human interactions. The hormone is also responsible for helping us establish empathy and deeper emotional bonds with others.

Oxytocin also promotes relaxation on a mental level, helping us to achieve sensations such as those felt during meditation, for example. Therefore, it also plays a fundamental role in our process of inner balance and self-love, as it favors the psychological and emotional mechanisms that help us to better connect with ourselves.

Oxytocin molecule formula

Because of all those prosocial characteristics, this molecule started to be known as the hug hormone, happiness hormone and also love hormone, since it would help to sign the connection and romantic bonds, which are so intense and important in a couple's relationship. In emotional relationships Oxytocin can play a very specific role because acts as a great disinhibitor, it encourages us to trust ourselves and to take more risks.

Another reason for it to be known as the love hormone is that its levels are usually higher during those experiences that require a stronger emotional bond, such as when we have sex or ejaculate for example, releasing in large quantities.

CBD and Oxytocin

According to a study from the University of California, Irvine, oxytocin can enhance the pleasure of social interactions by stimulating the production of marijuana-like neurotransmitters in the brain. In fact, the pleasurable sensations and feelings of well-being associated with the hormone are often reported by CBD users as well.

Research shows that the cannabinoids found in cannabis can influence the endocannabinoid system and increase the production of oxytocin, anandamide and hormones that benefit social bonding and closeness. The calming effect of CBD also positively supports our moods and helps us to be more positive, more effusive, open and receptive, all of which creates the ideal scenario for us to present ourselves to others in a warmer and more interesting way so that love can blossom.

What can CBD do to your love and sex life?

This same research shows that cannabinoids can be effective in minimising stress and anxiety, thus reducing the worries and insecurities that can sabotage a good sexual experience. Precisely because it also enhances the production of endorphins associated with well-being and relaxation, CBD can act as a precursor to a much more pleasurable experience. CBD is also a great vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the tissues, which relaxes muscles, increases sensitivity and promotes the body's own natural lubrication, thus providing excellent effects for sex.

Another recent study conducted by Remedy Review with 502 adults specifically explores the effects of CBD during sex. Of the total respondents, 54% percent were male and 46% were female; 80% of the respondents described themselves as heterosexual, 16% as bisexual and 3% as homosexual.

People said that their mood was positively affected when using CBD for sex and this could correlate with a higher mood, increased sexual desire, a more positive overall experience and the likelihood of reaching orgasm more easily. As a final conclusion these are the overall results of the survey on the use of CBD during sex:

  • Most have experienced stronger orgasms
  • Most have used CBD to relieve sexual anxiety.
  • Men lasted 31% longer before orgasm
  • Women reported 33% faster to orgasm
  • Most say they are "more satisfied" with their relationship
  • 87% of men and women took CBD as a couple.
  • 69% likely to continue using CBD for sex
The majority of people who have used CBD report being more satisfied with their relationship.

CBD and Sexual Health

CBD also plays an important role in sexual and general health, as well as acting to reduce pain and discomfort before, during and after sex.

In the study "Sex in America: A Definitive Survey" published in 1994, they estimate that approximately 20% of women experience pain during or after sex, and that those numbers increase to approximately 33% after menopause.

CBD is a recognized anti-inflammatory, so it works beneficially to decrease the pain that many people experience. The survey found that 26% use CBD to relieve pain after sex. Of those, 39% found CBD to be "moderate to very" effective, 59% found it "mild or somewhat" effective, and only 2% found it to be ineffective.

"We know that CBD can help with pain, and perhaps both systemic and topical CBD could be a treatment for vulvodynia or vaginitis, but we'll need clinical studies to validate that possibility.» . Adie Rae, Ph.D., neuroscientist and scientific advisor to Weedmaps.

Similarly, CBD has been shown to have antiviral properties, which could help defend the body from disease in a general way as well. 

Best CBD products to improve your love and sex life

Many people are unaware of the beneficial properties of CBD for sexual purposes or even in what ways this cannabidiol is available to be used in amorous experiences, so we list some possibilities to heat up your pleasure routine: 

  • Flowers, Vaporizers or Oils

The ingestion of CBD can occur in different ways, depending on the desired potency and preferred way of consumption. The CBD flowers are the best known way of consumption, offering options of varieties with different terpenes, resulting from genetic crosses that can provide specific effects, in addition to a subtle relaxation. 

With the steamers you will have a bit more convenience and potency as they have higher CBD volumes and are ready to consume. Due to the concentrated terpenes they also offer other sensory delights such as smell and taste, which can also contribute to a more interesting overall experience.

Couple vaporizing CBD

Although many people don't like the taste of the CBD oilsThis is the most potent way to enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabinoids, especially when they are full spectrum, like those in Sensitive CBD. The oils also have the advantage of being able to be used topically on sore or damaged areas.

  • Aphrodisiac infusions

Nothing better to awaken passion than an aphrodisiac drink. The CBD infusions are hemp-based and are usually mixed with active ingredients that potentiate specific effects. The Sexual infusion of Sensitive CBD, for example, brings the properties of CBD added to the warmth of cinnamon and an exclusive selection of herbs and flowers to stimulate sexual energy, revitalize, combat fatigue, tiredness, depression and physical aches and pains. In addition, its flavor and fragrances released provide other senses and are perfect to complement the intimate moments.

  • Lubricants and massage oils

Hemp vaginal lubricants are safe and generally natural options to enhance the sexual experience for women. In addition to providing wellness through proper lubrication, they are often also associated with other aphrodisiac plants that promise to increase the sensation of pleasure and prolong orgasms. 

Another interesting option for topical use are the massage oilsThese products are totally natural and have no side effects. They have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that will enhance the mechanical action of the massage contributing to greater relaxation and pain relief. Oils are also an excellent option for foreplay, as they stimulate the hormones of well-being through physical contact and closeness.

  • Soaps

Personal hygiene plays an important role both before and after sex, especially to avoid possible discomfort or diseases. Opt for natural soaps with hemp oil, are an excellent choice because of their good effects for all skin types. Soaps when combined with natural essential oil fragrances also often help to create a more romantic atmosphere through aromatherapy.

Now that you know all the possible benefits of CBD for your love and sex life, enjoy all its ways to increase your personal or couple's pleasure.


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