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Pet Care

Many owners are beginning to turn to natural solutions and alternatives to medication to treat their pets. CBD has many medicinal properties and are an all-natural, low-risk alternative to supplementing the diet and improving the quality of life and health of your best friend.

How does CBD work for your pet?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has important therapeutic and medicinal effects for vertebrates in general, since they all have an endocannabinoid system that keeps the body in balance. Because of the similarities between the body structures of people and some vertebrates, your pet may be able to experience the same benefits of CBD as you do. 

As a result of some studies, CBD could be a potential ally for your little friend in cases of:


  • Stress Situations

Just like us, animals also often suffer from stress and fear. There are two types of stress conditions experienced by most mammals: situational and chronic. Situational anxiety is something punctual, it refers to moments such as change of environment or routine and is easier to treat because it requires an immediate and temporary action. 

Using CBD for animals with situational stress will help them stay calm and have calmer reactions in tense moments. 


  • Anxiety

Unlike situational stress, chronic anxiety includes a constant emotional state, due to traumas such as separation or prolonged aggression, and requires the help of a medical professional.

Anxiety in dogs and cats can be shown in different ways: constant barking, restlessness, trembling, whining, loss of appetite, change of rhythm when walking, aggression, peeing out of place, among others.

CBD is now increasingly used by many patients (humans and animals) as a form of alternative treatment for anxiety without negative reactions.


  • Convulsions

Many animals experience seizures, which can be the result of a variety of hidden diseases. In humans, studies with CBD gradually reduce the number of seizures to zero. In addition, its interaction with endocannabinoid receptors may act as a protector against neurotoxicity caused by seizures.


  • Pain

Some pets often suffer from pain, which can mean reactions such as loss of appetite or reduced mobility.  

Studies have shown the efficacy of CBD as a treatment for chronic pain, for example, in dogs and cats, as well as acting as a relaxing potential in uncomfortable cases of crisis.


How do I give CBD to my pet?

In our range of products for pets we have different product options and as each animal is different, their needs are also different. So you may need more or less quantity to feel the desired effects of CBD.

There is no possible overdose with CBD so it does not contain psychoactive substances. For more information about dosage and recommendations, you can consult our team through the mail:


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