how CBD help in stress

Stress and Cannabinoids

What is stress? Stress is a necessary emotional and physical reaction that can be a response to many things. Common stress triggers involve danger, challenging situations, commitments, obligations, etc. In these situations, small bursts of stress can keep you safe. Your body releases stress hormones that result in different reactions. Your brain becomes more alert, your muscles become tense and ready, and your pulse rate increases. These are all reactions that will keep you focused and sharp in a stressful situation. Once the situation has passed, these reactions must also pass. It can be bad for your health if these feelings continue longer than your trigger is dangerous. Our bodies are not designed to be constantly in a state of stress. Symptoms of stress Cortisol is one of the body's main stress hormones. It is responsible for many important functions, such as regulating stress and making sure that the body's immune system is functioning properly.

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