Sensitive CBD


If you want to try a new and healthier way to consume CBD discover in the Vape category our range of e-liquids, ready to use vaporizers, cartridge packs with rechargeable battery and much more.

Why vape?

Vaporizing is considered one of the most effective methods of CBD consumption as you get the desired effects in less time - which can be very beneficial for reducing anxiety, stress or pain quickly.

Dosage is much easier to control, as CBD and THC levels are strictly controlled.

It is a practical and discreet way to consume cannabis as the smoke produced by the vaporizer does not smell strong and you don't need papers, mouthpieces or other accessories.

CBD oil vapor is a much healthier alternative to smoking, as there is no combustion.

The taste and aroma are quite perceptible and are not masked by the combustion (especially in paper cigarettes).

How does it work?

During the process of vaporizing CBD, its active ingredients quickly reach the lungs instead of passing through the gut and liver, without needing to be digested. This allows the CBD to reach the bloodstream quickly, allowing almost four times more CBD to enter the circulatory system and increasing its bioavailability. In this way vaporizing CBD ensures that you get its effects using less product. We have different vape formats, different concentrations and aromas.

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